Canary Home Security New Approach


Canary Home Security New Approach

Here how the Company describes it project : The more you know, the safer you feel. We built Canary to help you understand what’s going on in your home. Canary lets you see, hear, (and feel ?) what’s happening from anywhere.

So What is new in Canary Home Security Approach ?

Canary’s simple solution focuses on letting you see, hear, and feel what’s happening inside your home using an HD video feed, a wide-angle lens, high-quality audio, and accurate temperature, humidity, and air quality readings. Canary gives you a complete picture so you can choose the best response.

Other security solutions focus on the perimeter of a home by using tools like window sensors, door sensors, and wall mounts. Whether they’re professionally installed or DIY kits, they both fails to give you meaningful information about what’s actually happening inside your home.
Why ?

Let’s imagine you forgot to close your window ?
This kind of security won’t tell you there is someone walking around in your living room.

canary compared to traditional Home security systems

canary compared to traditional Home security systems

Why Canary Home Security is smarter ?

  • One device 5 sensors (temperature, humidity, air quality, audio, video)
  • The system learn your habits, if you use to come back every sunday night after midnight this won’t rise an alert every week
  • Fallback Notification System if you are not available the system will warn friend, neighbors untill somebody gives a reply
  • Automatic privacy mode when coming home Since you are arrived Home the system switch automatically to privacy mode

To finish a little blog article from the company :
The 5 Features That Make Electronic Gadgets “Smart”

“Smart” is a buzzword that gets thrown around so much that the term is often confused with a device being connected to the Internet. But are all “smart” products actually smart?

Here are the 5 keys points to check :

  • Get informations and make available to the user in a “smart way”
  • Being automated (the clever way)
  • Remote Accessibility
  • Awareness or environment interaction
  • The system learns from our habits (and not the contrary or having to use long configuration sessions)


Canary is a smart Home security device for everyone.

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