Cocoon Complete home security from one device


Cocoon Complete home security from one device

“The new, simple way of managing home security”

One Cocoon can protect a whole home. Sensing activity through walls and doors, with no false alarms!


Cocoon is a smart home security device. It combines HD Camera, Motion Detection & SUBSOUND™ Technology to sense activity throughout your home. If anything unusual happens, you receive a smartphone notification so you can take action and feel safe.

Cocoon learns who should and shouldn’t be there. There’s no need to set it when you come and go and it learns what’s normal for your home to avoid false alarms.

What is SUBSOUND™ ?

“A new way of sensing”
One Cocoon can protect a whole home. Our unique SUBSOUND™ Technology senses activity in other rooms and on other floors without the need for any additional sensors.

Cocoon’s SUBSOUND™ technology profiles infrasound and audible sound waves to create a protective ‘cocoon’ inside your home. SUBSOUND™ allows Cocoon to detect activity well beyond the room you place it in, through walls and on other floors.

The study of low frequency sounds (below 20Hz) outside the range of human hearing, or ‘infrasonics’ has long been used by seismologists for earthquake detection and geologists to study rock formations deep within the earth.

The same technology used to detect shock waves travelling through the planet can now be used to detect movement throughout your home.

With built-in machine learning, Cocoon understands what activity in your home is normal, so when an unusual event occurs you can be alerted and take action.


Cocoon functionnalities

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