DIY Home Security Will Soon Be A Billion Dollar Market


Here’s Why DIY Home Security Will Soon Be A Billion Dollar Market

Rich people needs to protect their stuff, everybody knows and as they have great stuffs material or digital, they are ready to pay great money to protect them, the security market answer these needs with very expensive solutions.

And what about everyone else ?

We also have stuff that may not cost millions but that have great value to us.

No offer existed till now, but… A change is coming.

A bevy of new startups are utilizing Internet of things and smart home technology to bring new products and, more critically, new business models to the home security market.

Till now the traditional security market has all but ignored the one third of consumers who are renters, and has also neglected to provide affordable solutions for lower income consumers who, paradoxically, may be most in need of home security given the correlation between poverty stricken neighborhoods and crime rates.

A new market is born : DIY Home Security (DIY because the system does not need any specialist to be installed, You can … Do It Yourself)

And that’s why NextMarket forecasts the DIY home security market will be a $1.5 billion market by 2020

Because after all, in the end some choice – like that of do-it-yourself security – is better than no choice at all.

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