Welcome on ediyss.com



Welcome on Ediyss.com

EDIYSS means :


Do It Yourself



This website is about detailed information on electronic Personal security for everyone So, don’t wait, don’t pay more than necessary and Do It Yourself, it’s quite easy.
It is a new market with a great future and many things are about to come, indeed the first running devices with a true originality will arrive at least in 2015.


Why personal electronic security ?

It’s a choice of the 21st century, electronic is present everywhere in our lives.

Domotic allows us to control our house from outside.

A mobile phone can do much more than just phoning


Why security made by us and not by professionals ?

The first reason should be the price

The second is that security systems more and more sophisticated are already available for the public

As when the iphone arrived and changed what we knew about mobile phone by doing a lot of things better, nicer (not cheaper anywhat), we are now at the start of a new era of electronic personal security.

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