emergensee Personal Security System


If we need a proof about the interest of the public for personal security, we just have to look at enterprises that have based their business model on that particular market.

A good example is the service emergensee  wich allows via a smartphone app to warn friends, family, of a potential danger.

How does it works ?

EmergenSee’s patented technology offers a variety of personal security features, controlled through the EmergenSee App on your smartphone. By simply pushing a button you are Whether directly connected to EmergenSee”s Professional Partners or your own Personal Contacts (what we prefer as it is the subject of this website), help is always just a tap away.

Basically, when emergency mode is activated the smartphone becomes a total secure information devices that broadcast all information about you and your environment that is to say :

  • Live video
  • live picture
  • live audio
  • GPS position with movement tracking

You can download the ios or android app here.


Even if the service is more a way to put in contact someone with partner’s security companies (for a small fee), the free option allow you the reader of this post to increase a little your personal security level if obviously you have your smartphone near you (with sufficient battery)…

Source : http://emergensee.com/

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