Findster keeps an eye on your beloved ones



The location system that connects your world
Findster is a novel GPS tracking system working on the safety of your beloved ones, finding them whenever you want (with no monthly fees).
The Findster system is basically a tracking device to track your beloved ones (and/or pets if you have some).

Slighly different to key tracking devices everyone can see all around.

The first reaction could be : We already have tracking devices for keys, why would we need one for people ?

The main differences are :

  • You can create security zones like Home, the garden
  • 3-axis accelerometer that enables fall detection (can be usefull for children)
  • Activity tracker for Pets (Still if you have pets)
    Indicates the index of daily activity of your pet.
  • IFTTT Service
    Create powerful custom alerts.
    (If my children fall down, send me an alert).
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