iSensor HD: the Compact Wifi Security Camera


iSensor HD : the Compact Wifi Security Camera

iSensor HD is the first WiFi home security IP cam with 256-bit encryption
It’s also the World’s Smallest Too (July 2014).

What is it ?

The iSensor HD is a modular, self-installed, home security system that runs all of its communications through Skype.
iSensor HD has the size of a smartphone, it is unimposing security device that can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or even set atop a desk easily.


Featuring a 240 degree viewing angle
Remote control panning that you can manage from anywhere via Skype
this device will automatically send you push text or picture alerts when its motion or audio sensors detect trouble.

iSensor HD Camera

iSensor HD Camera

Why Choose iSensor HD?

    Most compact, with its tiny size and super low power consumption, you can even plug it into a power bank for portable use!
    Free 15 GB of online storage
    256-bit encryption
    Skype’s worldwide P2P servers provide real-time video/audio.
    Through the use of Skype’s massive P2P network, users will have less than 0.5 seconds of delay anywhere in the world.

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Here the analysis of the Gadget Website
iSensor HD a small WiFi home security camera with 256-bit encryption to help you keep an eye on your home or place of business.

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This modular home security system runs its communications through Skype. It is small and can be mounted on walls and ceilings without too much trouble. It offers 1280 x 720 HD quality in real-time. The system offers audio/motion detection, intruder warning light/beeper, and 180-degree viewing.

The iSensor HD camera does not consume a whole lot of power. It is slightly shorter than an iPhone 5 and can use USB for its power. It offers 180-degree panning, so think about all the possibilities here. Wherever you have access to WiFi, you can put your iSensor HD to good use. Controlling the camera from your smartphone is easy too.

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