Jogging and security, how to increase safety 


Jogging and security


Jogging and security, is this a subject to care about ?

In september 2015, a female jogger was victim of a kidnapping attempt by an unknown which tried to make her get into its vehicle. Extremely fortunately, she succeeded in pushing back the unnknow and preventing the helps.

This event recalls that the joggers can represent easy targets.
They are tired, far from home, with loud music in ears etc..

Here are some simple advices :

  • – always indicate to someone your course and for how long before leaving your residence,
  • – carry your mobile phone with you, and call your emergency service depending on the country you are in case of emergency (if you are in holliday, learn it with basics of the local language) [some example : 911 (USA) or 17 (France)].
  • – avoid the too isolated places,
  • – if possible run with someone.
  • In the event of worrying disappearance of one of your close friends, call emergency services for assistance.

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